Dost Mart Inaugurates Renting Services in Booni, Chitral.

A picture from the inauguration ceremony

A new renting service is initiated in Booni Bazar by the famous environmentalist and activist Mr. Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost. The aim of this initiative is to make renting services better for the people of Booni. Some of the services that this business would offer include renting of camping and other travel gears, cameras, tent, generator, sound system, multimedia system, etc. This service will provide all the major requirements for weddings, official meetings, and other such events that require a material which would not need to be bought. Dost Mart will also deliver all these facilities to your doorstep when needed.  The inauguration ceremony was held following the  COVID-19 SOPS by the government and was attended by notables including DC Upper Chitral, President regional council Imtiaz Alam, L. Col. Sultan Ali Khan, Doctor Sardar Nawaz, Tehsildar Rab Nawaz, Sultan Wazir, etc. On this occasion, a digital magazine was also launched for Chitral Heritage and Environmental Protection Society (CHEPS) that will be available soon. We wish this new initiative the best of luck and hope that it will make the lives of local people easier for larger gatherings, event management, and tourism.


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