Death be not proud


Death by suicide is a major public health problem that profoundly impacts families in a way few other things do. Every year, many people at risk of suicide seek and get help, potentially saving themselves and their loved ones untold grief. What is suicide?  When a person loses the ability to think, worries about himself, does not care about his parents, then he commits suicide.  It is said that if a person is in a state of mind, is in family trouble or there is any problem from which he cannot get himself out, then one thing that comes into existence is suicide.  In general, there are two types of people involved.  One that is considered illiterate.  Second, those who considered educated are not far behind.  Now the thing to think about is, how to stop this thing.  The role of educated people in the society should be more so that they can save other ignorant people from bad deeds. Especially in Chitral, the incidents that take place nowadays are almost simultaneously that boys and girls between the ages of 7 and twenty-five years commit suicide.  The first thing is that the reason for suicide is known to the same person why he has forced himself to commit suicide.  When the public finds out about this bad news, then all sorts of things arise to satisfy themselves.  Most of the research that reveals the truth is that Abu was angry, was refraining from doing bad things, or did not want to get married, or got low marks in exams. Now let’s take a look back. Thirty or forty years ago were our ancestors involved in it? We will not get the answer because they were intellectuals, very few were educated but their thinking  Was positive  Unfortunately, the creation of these things started from educated boys and girls and is increasing day by day. It is also true that if a person loses his way, he will commit suicide if only uneducated people commit suicide then we claim that  they are ignorant, they are not conscious, but it is not less than a challenge for us. If an educated young man takes his own life with his own hands, what could be more dangerous than this?  How long will we keep burying, how long will this thing be published in the newspaper and how long will we keep counting in silence? The result of this is that the parents of the cruel children began to be afraid of the children. If they used to ask the children for some work, now they get up and leave on their own.  Their goal is to lose themselves.  But they do not want to see their children’s bodies in front of their eyes. Children need mental training to get rid of this evil thing. Children need to be conscious.  If there is something that causes a person to commit suicide, then let him share it with his friends. Surely there is a solution for this instead of turning off the light of his life.  When a person expresses his grief in front of others, the mind becomes lighter, the burden is removed, then no one will even think of suicide.

I recently learned about the suicide of a boy in Chitral who was well educated and had been through international level as well. There have been many cases in the past which may or may not have been reported to the media, but without a say, mental illness is one of our biggest problems as a nation.

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