Humble Request to Luminaries


There are many public figures who have a fan following and they are well recognized and famed. They are supposed to be a social pioneer. They are the inspiration of many people and they are respected and have love from the public. 

To my great surprise, on social media, I have noticed some of that, whom even I also like very much, when writing comments on someone’s post or themselves update any post than believe me it casts really a dense and tremendous impact on their lovers and fans. good posts and comments would have good impact and bad would have bad. They know or might not know but they are every single and the smallest action is even noticed.

One day I was scrolling the posts on my facebook and there came a post in front of my eyes having a comment beneath by one of the well-known personalities (in Chitral) and I also have the honor to be in his friend’s list. The post was from a news page that ran a headline having some flavor of yellow journalism in it. The reaction in the comment of that renowned somebody seemed to be very desperate and gloomy because it was abusive. His rage was licit but the way he spoke out was somehow awful

Actually, such actions not only have bad effect on their lovers but also bring bad consequences for themselves, as these will give chance to their haters to traduce and badmouth them. They should also keep in mind that their behavior shows the real faces of them.and the bad behavior will become a stigma to their careers and characters. 

That is why my humble request to those illustrious and celebrated personalities is to be well-characterized and be selective in using language. what I really mean is that they must beware of using argots and epithets even facetiously and should opt for affableness not only on social media but also in their daily routine when they talking to someone or doing something. They are socialites and their conduct and doings should help people mend their ways. 

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