BECS teachers protest for Salaries


CHITRAL: Teachers of Basic Education Community Schools staged protested against the non-payments of their salaries for the last 9 months. On this occasion, the children and women teachers were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans in favor of their demands.

Speaking on the occasion, Pradom Jamal informed that there are 83 women teachers in Chitral who have been teaching these children and girls in rented houses for the last 20 years but They only get Rs 8,000 salary but for the last nine months, their salaries have not been paid putting them in great financial constraints.

Teachers said that in the past, they would get Rs 1,000 in rent for the school building but now it was also stopped and the teachers have to pay the rent of the building from their salary.

Jameela Bibi, who was present in the protest, said that she spent 20 long years of her life educating children in community schools and now in her old age, they have stopped her salary, which is a gross injustice.

Benazir Sultan, another protesting teacher, said that the results of our schools are also good than other government schools. Sultan added that unlike teachers of public schools who receive hefty salaries, community school teachers are paid only Rs 8000 per month. Halima Bibi said that some of our schools do not even have a roof and often take shelter in a tent with children in case of rain and snow or take them to a house room but they were paid only Rs 8,000 a month despite teaching in such difficult conditions and them even to stopped that salary for the last nine months.

These teachers said that some of their schools had forty-one children studying, while some had up to sixty-three children in their schools. Thus, if their salaries were not paid on time the future of these children would be in danger. As these schools are running with the help of the federal government, they demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan to release their salaries immediately and issue orders to make all the community school permanent so that the children do not lose the chance to get an education.

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