Why to die before our death?


Suicide is a silent epidemic that ruins lives and devastates families and societies. Suicide means to take one’s own life, mostly we came across this disgusting situation in everyday life, recently a few weeks ago suicide cases happened. Why are these happening? Is suicide the only option to get rid of challenges? Of course, No, there are lots of so many other problems which compels a person to commit suicide may be due to deprived from rights or due to domestic violence and so many other factors too, where a person fade up from situations and commits suicides. When we glance towards societies these ill factors are increasing day by day especially among our youth who are considered to be tomorrows leaders come up with this problem. While if they are being drop out from schools or colleges or may be due to failure inn one subject or may be so many other factors, they chose the step of committing suicide all these are the points of wonder that why they even haven’t any courage to come up with challenges in life or there no one to listen to their desires and rights.

Life is not smooth in one way we may have to pass through challenges and difficulties in life, there may be ups and down in life, there may be turmoil’s in life in order to rise up one have to fall down but it doesn’t mean that you have to commit suicide. According to cope up with time and age we have to show courage in life, show courage within ourselves, and to be loyal and faithful to ourselves so that we may be able to be kind to others, if life would be smooth then we all have that same story but actually it is not so, life is full of diversity in all aspect and its beauty lies in its diversity but some of our society members fail in this regard they become so hopeless from life and from facing harsh situation in life that they show weakness and perish away from life by committing suicide, so that we are becoming a step back from time and age of development.

According to survival of the fittest those organisms could survive who have the courage and ability to adjust themselves according to situation and age they will survive and those who show hopeless and weakness with facing situation they may ruins families and communities if we would adopt according to situation we would be able to enjoy the diversity of life. So, suicide rate is also in this zone some of the society members show weakness and commit suicide, no it doesn’t have to be so, if we all have to die one day then why to die before our death. There are so many numerous background factors which compels a society member to have this step one perish away peace and harmony of society Most of the cases happens due to deprived from their basic rights, especially domestic violence and patriarchy is the main factor which is top to bottom approach of implementing all set rules and functions for members in families. We have to play our role in this regard each one of us to think over these ill factors of societies which needs to be diagnosed in light of equality to all members, and to create awareness among masses especially in educational institution’s by arranging seminars and sessions to engage our youth in constructive activities of the day and to encourage our youth at what level they are. This is an area of research to investigate upon it and to go deep into the factors which are the causes of suicide and try to give solution to them.so that we be able to create a peaceful environment of mutual harmony,peace and brotherhood and let’s say No to suicide if all have to live only once then why to commit suicide, and why to die before our death.

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