Unemployment: The Biggest Challenge for Youth


Challenges are the expression of life. Life is a pleasure, a challenge, a comfort, a hardship, a beauty, a pain and a lot much more. More ever, facing the challenge is the norm of life. Like me, many people coping challenges simultaneously. As giving a comfort to heart and mind while just accepting that life is the partial root of problems.

Unemployment is the fractional problem of every evil. A great saying “idle person is a devils workshop”. It is an exotic which spread the smell of evils in the society.  So it is our falsehood to believe and trust on those people who are not having enough eat square meals a day.

Basically, the problem of unemployment is hanging like a disease in our hearts and thundering our minds after long time study. The people who are only staying here in our country without working are the most dangerous for our society. The empty stomach can lead the educated people to commit crime. After long time hard working and studying, they are not given any job through which they can earn honestly, and then they will have no other alternative to feed the family. Automatically they are motivated to snatch their food, become thieves, terrorists and many more that can satisfy to fulfill his and her necessities.  This throws them in frustration and compels them to follow up the bad evil to satisfy their wants.   In my country Pakistan, the recently witnessed young people found involved in terrorism were well educated from Pakistani top ten universities. So, I think the biggest challenge that creates many problems to our economy and our society is unemployment.

At last but not least, economic growth is totally dependent on employment. The sustainability in economy remains stable when there is healthy mechanism and energetic terms for improvement the employment quality and quantity. The economic indicators must use for a prolong period of economic stability, growth and many other policies. The economic policies are made for better quality infrastructure that would encourage promoting investment. The government on its post must recognize the developing sectors, the major key of growth and also creating great opportunities of employment for the youth on grass root level. There should be investment to keep the employment level high and as a long it is the way to make the economy prosperous.

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